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Money, Happiness and the Good Life - and Don't Forget Courage

Join us for a rare opportunity to visit with Dr. Biswas-Diener, a highly respected speaker and author. This world class event is 2 years in the making. APCM's exclusive engagement is shared by the largest international and domestic corporations, and such venues as Discovery Channel Retreats.

Scientific studies confirm what most of us have suspected all along: that those who are bold enough to go after what they want enjoy greater success and happiness. Dr. Biswas-Diener will challenge the present thinking of the causes and consequences of happiness and redefine our modern notions of happiness. He will discuss the role courage has in our lives and the shortest route to the good life.

See the invitation below for the details, and please be sure to let Laura Bruce know you are coming - this free event may "sell-out" and we want to make sure you have a seat.

Evan Rose, CEO

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Alaska Permanent Capital Management is your investment team helping you build and achieve your financial goals.

Alaska Permanent Capital Management was founded by Dave Rose in 1992. Dave made Alaska his home in the 1960’s. His professional and volunteer experience helped shape Anchorage and Alaska for many years. Through his work as the first Director of the Alaska Permanent Fund his legacy can still be seen today. Dave’s philosophy of ‘do the right thing for Alaskans’ is the foundation of Alaska Permanent Capital Management; it inspires community engagement, provides direction to hire the experts and motivates the team to deliver exceptional client service.

Headquartered in Alaska, relationships are maintained with a diverse client base that includes: Alaska Native Corporation operating funds and Settlement Trusts, endowments and foundations, financial institutions, health care organizations, insurance companies, state and local governments and individuals.